Monday, December 29, 2008

Two Double O Nine

2008 is soon ending and the new year is rapidly approaching. There are simply so many things I want to accomplish next year- a fabulous internship, good grades, SAT IIs, visiting Korea, hanging out with friends more, grow my relationship with my boyfriend even further in God, baking better cupcakes, & so much more. But can I do this?

All I know is that God has a plan for me- there is a chosen path for me, and I'm walking on it. It'll lead me God knows where, help me see & learn things I would've never imagined, and do things that is incomprehensible to my mind at this very moment. But I know, I know so very much, that He has a plan for me. So whatever my plans are for 2009, they are bound to change, transform, and mold to whatever God wants it to be. And I am so very excited for it.

So as of right now, I'm juggling school, friends, boyfriend, Mochi stuff, resumes, and cover letters- anxiety is creeping on to me. Finals are at the end of January, I should send emails to editors very soon, and placing friends and a boyfriend in between all that is very difficult. But I know I will manage somehow through the strength of God!

I know at my age, faith is difficult. Hell, in the chaotic, careless society we live in, it is very difficult to have faith. But somehow, I have magically attained it through an amazing church, and even more amazing God. Fashion and faith does not often have intersections, but hopefully in this blog, it'll make a smooth mix of both.

I thought I would hide my faith in this blog because all the other fashion blogs are so secular, but I decided it was deemed inappropriate- my faith is who I am. Hopefully through this humble, small blog dedicated to God, I can bring a little bit of His kingdom to this world.

So enough of my rambling! Sorry for the late Christmas, and have a wonderful new year! Yay for 2009 & good bye to 2008!

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

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