Monday, December 29, 2008

CU Lions-- A Distant Dream?

Ever since I started thinking about college (sometime around 7th or 8th grade) I have dreamed of Columbia. It was ideal for what I was looking for- a city, beautiful campus, wonderful academics -like thousands of other potential Columbia students. As a sophomore, college is only in the back of my mind, not fully grasping the fact that college is sort of near. I love Columbia for all its Ivy League glory, but can it be a reality?

My grades are somewhat average for an Asian (hahah make sure to check out this Kevjumba vid- so true!), what I want to pursue isn't really Ivy material, and I'm not the world's best test taker (we will find out soon enough!). But I do have strong extracurriculars, "great" writing skills (according to my English teachers), and potential.

But is it enough for Columbia?

As I think about college deeper and longer, the more I think the whole case is so stupid. I know so many of my wonderful, friendly, and all around great friends doubting themselves and destroying their self esteem through this horrendous college process. So your grades, test scores, a list of what you do, and an essay is supposed to measure your self worth and see if you are a "fit" for that college?

Honestly, as much as I would love to go to some of these colleges, I think the process is very poor and unsubstantial. And sure, if you try, you'll get in to some college. But the only reason I'm rambling on about this is because college truly contributes to a huge chunk of your future. Employers see if you graduated from a "name brand" institution, if you graduated cum laude, etc etc.

But the process is the way it is, and like so many things in this world it is unfair. But I know God made it for a reason, and we are to move on so we can glorify Him in many other things. So for those of you who are in this college process- best of luck to you and remember, do not see acceptances as measures of your self worth. If you get rejected, it does not mean that you are not good enough nor not ready for them. It just means they are not good enough and ready for you! Always remember you are God's creation & that you are perfect in Him & Him alone.

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

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