Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Beginnings; Hello, My Name is Eunice!

Hello! My name is Eunice and this is my new blog! I had a couple of blogs before, but they were pretty much failed attempts. But, I'm going to try my best to really work hard on this blog, and post almost everyday- even if it's about the most pointless things. Haha. So, an introduction of myself!

♥My name is Eunice! But Rohwy has always been a nickname of mine- for reasons I'll explain later.
♥I'm a sophomore in high school.
♥My passions are God, fashion, art history, reading, writing (yes, I am a geek), friends, and family.
♥My style is mainly romantic, cute, and childish.
♥I play field hockey! (& you should too. It's just so much fun!)
♥In the future, I want to work at a fashion magazine or be an English/art history/fashion history professor.
♥I love cities.
♥My favorite magazines are Lula, Preen, Ellegirl Korea, Teen Vogue, and Nylon.
♥My favorite designers are Erin Fetherston, Charles Anastase, people of Lover, Zac Posen, Sonia Rykiel, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada, the girls of Rodarte, and Doo Ri.
♥Like any other girl, I love chocolate and diamonds!

So there you go! Okay, I hope you enjoy my ramblings, my inspirations, and my loves as I share them all with you. Thanks for reading and love you guys always!

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

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