Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Glitter Heels

Ever since I saw these in a New York City boutique, I fell in love. I needed a pair of basic pumps for a while, but everything I saw was too simple for my taste & not girly enough. So after my long wait, I found the perfect pair! The price is not cheap, but affordable at $80- so I better start to save up for these beauties. These also comes in grey suede, but the black looks a lot better with the glitter heels. Mmm, I can't wait till I get my hands on them!
Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

My Pa-Jammies

I have terrible circulation AND I live in the state of Massachusetts which have long winters and frequent snowstorms. Therefore, I am usually bundled up in a million layers and still freezing my butt off. It's really great. But it gets worse especially at night- temperatures drop to the teens or twenties, and I have at least three layers of blankets on top of me. I decided its time for something new- it is a new year after all! I want footie pajamas.

Through my research, the only ones that actually covered my feet were these ones from Target (my favoritest store in the universe). I can see myself jumping up and down on my bed, rolling on the ground, & doing my homework in them- you know, my usual routine. However, I'm not a big fan of the clouds (okay, it's cute, but not overly creative) so I'll keep on looking. Perhaps I should get one from Korea- one of those that DBSK wore in the Balloons video... Hmmm, ideas?

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

Monday, December 29, 2008

CU Lions-- A Distant Dream?

Ever since I started thinking about college (sometime around 7th or 8th grade) I have dreamed of Columbia. It was ideal for what I was looking for- a city, beautiful campus, wonderful academics -like thousands of other potential Columbia students. As a sophomore, college is only in the back of my mind, not fully grasping the fact that college is sort of near. I love Columbia for all its Ivy League glory, but can it be a reality?

My grades are somewhat average for an Asian (hahah make sure to check out this Kevjumba vid- so true!), what I want to pursue isn't really Ivy material, and I'm not the world's best test taker (we will find out soon enough!). But I do have strong extracurriculars, "great" writing skills (according to my English teachers), and potential.

But is it enough for Columbia?

As I think about college deeper and longer, the more I think the whole case is so stupid. I know so many of my wonderful, friendly, and all around great friends doubting themselves and destroying their self esteem through this horrendous college process. So your grades, test scores, a list of what you do, and an essay is supposed to measure your self worth and see if you are a "fit" for that college?

Honestly, as much as I would love to go to some of these colleges, I think the process is very poor and unsubstantial. And sure, if you try, you'll get in to some college. But the only reason I'm rambling on about this is because college truly contributes to a huge chunk of your future. Employers see if you graduated from a "name brand" institution, if you graduated cum laude, etc etc.

But the process is the way it is, and like so many things in this world it is unfair. But I know God made it for a reason, and we are to move on so we can glorify Him in many other things. So for those of you who are in this college process- best of luck to you and remember, do not see acceptances as measures of your self worth. If you get rejected, it does not mean that you are not good enough nor not ready for them. It just means they are not good enough and ready for you! Always remember you are God's creation & that you are perfect in Him & Him alone.

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

Two Double O Nine

2008 is soon ending and the new year is rapidly approaching. There are simply so many things I want to accomplish next year- a fabulous internship, good grades, SAT IIs, visiting Korea, hanging out with friends more, grow my relationship with my boyfriend even further in God, baking better cupcakes, & so much more. But can I do this?

All I know is that God has a plan for me- there is a chosen path for me, and I'm walking on it. It'll lead me God knows where, help me see & learn things I would've never imagined, and do things that is incomprehensible to my mind at this very moment. But I know, I know so very much, that He has a plan for me. So whatever my plans are for 2009, they are bound to change, transform, and mold to whatever God wants it to be. And I am so very excited for it.

So as of right now, I'm juggling school, friends, boyfriend, Mochi stuff, resumes, and cover letters- anxiety is creeping on to me. Finals are at the end of January, I should send emails to editors very soon, and placing friends and a boyfriend in between all that is very difficult. But I know I will manage somehow through the strength of God!

I know at my age, faith is difficult. Hell, in the chaotic, careless society we live in, it is very difficult to have faith. But somehow, I have magically attained it through an amazing church, and even more amazing God. Fashion and faith does not often have intersections, but hopefully in this blog, it'll make a smooth mix of both.

I thought I would hide my faith in this blog because all the other fashion blogs are so secular, but I decided it was deemed inappropriate- my faith is who I am. Hopefully through this humble, small blog dedicated to God, I can bring a little bit of His kingdom to this world.

So enough of my rambling! Sorry for the late Christmas, and have a wonderful new year! Yay for 2009 & good bye to 2008!

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

God & Suffering

"I don't think of all the misery,
but of the beauty that still remains."
-Anne Frank
This quote has such beauty that it brings tears to my eyes. Anne Frank has lived in the terrific times, yet she was able to think of the beautiful bits that God has blessed her with. Out of all my struggles in faith, one of the biggest struggles is "How could God do this?" I am a huge humanitarian and is in to all the radical types of stuff- riots, demonstrations, and strikes for those who truly need it, such as those in Darfur.

In genocides such as Darfur and the Holocaust, it's hard to believe God even exists. How could such horror and tremendous disasters exist if God exists? But the truth is, God couldn't exist if these things did not exist. If there were no flaws in this world, why would we need redemption? Why would we need God?

A book I read recently covered this very well- "The Reason for God" by Tim Keller. It is a very clear and consise book which covers the doubts of faith in a different light. There is a chapter called "How Could God Allow Such Suffering?" It covers the various reasons how God exists through the cruel, unjust world. And one of the first things it tackles is just that- how do we know if something is just or unjust? It is purely because of God that we even have morals, conscience, and what is "good" and "bad". If God did not exist, then we would be living in an anarchy.

But we do not.
This is enough for now, I will vent about unjust human abuse later- mainly about Darfur. Happy subjects galore!

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

Friday, December 12, 2008

B-B-Blackout, yo!

Okay, so I lied about posting everyday. But my life has been busy- I swear! Haha. School has been hectic (although I am only a sophomore! I'm going to get killed in my junior/senior years! :x) and clubs and such has been too. Also this TRAGIC event occurred to me today.


There has been an ice storm around where I live and everything doesn't work. Heat, electricity, power... The only reason I'm blogging this is because I'm at a friend's house who was lucky enough to not lose anything. The only plus side is I had no school today. HOWEVER, I still don't have heat, so I might be sleeping in the cold tonight.


Much love always,
Miss Rohwy

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Beginnings; Hello, My Name is Eunice!

Hello! My name is Eunice and this is my new blog! I had a couple of blogs before, but they were pretty much failed attempts. But, I'm going to try my best to really work hard on this blog, and post almost everyday- even if it's about the most pointless things. Haha. So, an introduction of myself!

♥My name is Eunice! But Rohwy has always been a nickname of mine- for reasons I'll explain later.
♥I'm a sophomore in high school.
♥My passions are God, fashion, art history, reading, writing (yes, I am a geek), friends, and family.
♥My style is mainly romantic, cute, and childish.
♥I play field hockey! (& you should too. It's just so much fun!)
♥In the future, I want to work at a fashion magazine or be an English/art history/fashion history professor.
♥I love cities.
♥My favorite magazines are Lula, Preen, Ellegirl Korea, Teen Vogue, and Nylon.
♥My favorite designers are Erin Fetherston, Charles Anastase, people of Lover, Zac Posen, Sonia Rykiel, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada, the girls of Rodarte, and Doo Ri.
♥Like any other girl, I love chocolate and diamonds!

So there you go! Okay, I hope you enjoy my ramblings, my inspirations, and my loves as I share them all with you. Thanks for reading and love you guys always!

Much love always,
Miss Rohwy